Are You Remodeling Your Family Room?

27 September 2019
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Are you remodeling the family room of a house you've lived in for many years? Or, have you recently moved into a previously owned house? If that's the case, perhaps you knew right away that you'd be remodeling the family room.  No matter the reason that you are remodeling the family room, do you already have a plan in mind? Maybe you are still pondering the changes you'll make. If so, from selecting pre-finished wood for the flooring to choosing a new wall treatment, here are some ideas that might help you. Read More 

Three Types Of Boat Covers To Consider For Your New Motorboat

21 March 2019
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Whether you've just boat a motorboat for fishing, for pulling friends on a wakeboard, or for some other purpose, you'll want to protect it when you're not out on the water. A simple and effective way to provide this protection is to buy a boat cover, which is typically made of canvas or another similar material and stretches to cover the top of your boat once you've emptied it out. Whether you park the boat in your driveway or yard, or you're storing it in a storage facility for the winter, the cover will protect the inside of the boat. Read More 

3 Tips For Coaching Your Child In Soccer

16 November 2018
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According to studies, soccer will soon pass up baseball in popularity and become the United States' third most popular sport to watch. With North America hosting the World Cup in a few years, expect this popularity to be through the roof by then. Because of that, you might want to steer your child toward the sport to see if they like it. One of the best ways to do this is by coaching their rec league team. Read More 

New To Golfing? 4 Etiquette Tips You Need To Know

18 June 2018
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Golf is a sport that is governed by some very specific etiquette rules. If you are just taking up golf, it is important to understand the etiquette rules surrounding the sport. Respect the Clothing Rules First, make sure that you respect the clothing rules at whatever golf course you attend. Golf courses like to present a certain image, and most have rules for what you can wear on the golf course. Read More 

Tips For Safe Anchoring

21 May 2018
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As a boat owner, you understand that the anchor plays one of the more important parts of the overall function of the vessel. Whether you find a nice area to stop in the middle of the water to fish or you're docking the boat, you need to be able to anchor properly. If you've been boating for years, or you're new to boating, here are some anchoring tips to keep in mind: Read More