Three Types Of Boat Covers To Consider For Your New Motorboat

21 March 2019
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Whether you've just boat a motorboat for fishing, for pulling friends on a wakeboard, or for some other purpose, you'll want to protect it when you're not out on the water. A simple and effective way to provide this protection is to buy a boat cover, which is typically made of canvas or another similar material and stretches to cover the top of your boat once you've emptied it out. Whether you park the boat in your driveway or yard, or you're storing it in a storage facility for the winter, the cover will protect the inside of the boat. There are many different types of boat covers available from your local boat dealer, but here are three.


Some boat covers use a zipper that has one half of the zipper attached to the perimeter and the other half of the zipper attached to the edge of the boat. This type of boat cover can be a little challenging to put on, given that everything needs to be lined up perfectly, but once you pull the cover down onto the top of the boat by closing the zipper, you'll have an extremely reliable cover. The use of the zipper keeps the cover firmly pressed against the boat, preventing squirrels and other pests from slipping under the cover and getting into your boat.


Another type of boat cover uses domes to secure the cover to the boat. In a somewhat similar design to a zippered boat cover, this type of cover has the "upper" half of a series of domes mounted around the edge of the cover, with the "bottom" half of the domes mounted directly to the boat and spaced out around its entire perimeter. This is a boat cover that is fairly easy to affix in place, which is handy if you've been boating in inclement weather and your fingers are cold. The more domes that are on the cover, the better, as they'll result in smaller gaps.


Perhaps the easiest type of boat cover to put in place is one that uses straps. To mount this cover, all you need to do is place it over the boat, and then pull the elasticized straps down toward your trailer. These straps have clips or hooks on them, so you can easily affix them to different points on your trailer. You should be able to get this type of cover in place faster than the above two types, but the one drawback of this type of cover is that unless the straps are extremely tight, it's possible for a pest to work its way under the cover and get into your boat.